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"Fieldsports Channel showcases the best hunting, shooting and fishing through weekly TV shows, free to watch – more than 2,600 films, going back over seven years."

We sped up the Fieldsports Channel's homepage load time to under 3 seconds. Videos and high resolution images can be tough on page load times. To be competitive on mobile devices, you need pages that load in under 2 seconds. Charlie even gave us a shoutout on the show--thank you, Charlie!

"Our website,, which is currently loadingabout 10 times faster than it was last week thanks to viewer Owen Morrill from Colroado. Thank you, Owen, for fixing it." -Charlie with

If you haven't checked out Fieldsports Channel on YouTube, you're in for a treat. Their camera work is amazing and the shots of the great outdoors and incredible wildlife are second to none.


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Coming soon. Not exactly firearm-related, but we can't say no to something as awesome as ball python morphs.